Slope Intercept Form Calculator

The slope intercept form calculator is an online tool that you can use to find slope-intercept form by using two points i.e. y-intercept and slope. This slope-intercept form calculator is free and simple to use for everyone.

How to use this slope intercept form calculator?

To use this accurate online calculator to find slope intercept form, follow the below easy steps:

  1. Select the input type from the listed options.
  2. Enter the values in the required fields.
  3. Click on the “Calculate” button to get results.
  4. Copy or download results in PDF format.
  5. Use the “Reset” button to start a new session

What is slope intercept form?

The equation of the line which is: y = mx +b, is the slope intercept form. Here, ‘m’ represents the slope, and ‘b’ represents the y-intercept respectively.

You can use our slope intercept form calculator to find the slope-intercept form easily and efficiently. Our graph slope intercept form calculator helping students and individuals dealing with linear functions or graph intercept analysis in mathematics.

What is the slope-intercept formula?

As we have mentioned above, the slope-intercept formula or equation can be represented as:

y = mx + b


  • mrepresents the slope of the line.
  • b is the y-intercept.
  • And x,y are the x and y coordinates.

Note: The above slope intercept equation varies in the UK and USA. In these countries, the variable “c” represents the y-intercept. Then the equation becomes:

y = mx + c.

How to find the slope-intercept form?

If you are looking for a quick example that can help you find the straight-line equation with slope and y-intercept, then you are at the best place. All you need to do is to follow the below example:


Find the equation of the straight line if; the y-intercept value = 6 and slope value = 4.


Step No#1:

Identify the values first.

b = 6


m = 4.

Step No#2:

Write the slope-intercept formula and place the above values in it.

y = mx + b

y = 4x + 6.

Features of This Slope Intercept Form Calculator

The key features of the Slope Intercept Form Calculator include:

  1. Quick and Accurate Results

    This slope-intercept form calculator helps you perform accurate slope-intercept form calculations simply. Just enter the given values into the required fields, hit the Calculate button, and get results instantly.

  2. Copy Results

    This feature of our calculator lets you copy the calculated equation at the same time. You can then paste it wherever you want without any hurdle.

  3. Download Results

    You can use this feature to download results for any use. It lets you save results in PDF form to the local storage of your device.

  4. Free to use

    The best thing about this online slope-intercept form calculator is that it does not require you to purchase any premium plan to use it. This calculator is completely free and easy to access for everyone.
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