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Epoch Time Converter

Our epoch time converter makes it simple and easy to convert epoch to human readable time with the date at one click. This Unix epoch converter is quick and accurate.

How to use this Epoch Time Converter?

To use our online tool for converting epoch time to human-readable format, follow the below steps:

  1. Enter epoch time into the left input box.
  2. Click on the “Convert” button.
  3. Copy or download results with one click.
  4. Use the Delete button to start a new session.

What is Unix Epoch?

An epoch is defined as the number of seconds that have elapsed since January 1, 1970, at midnight UTC time minus the leap seconds. This shows that at midnight of January 1, 1970, the Unix epoch was 0.

To add more, the Unix epoch is often called Unix timestamp, POSIX time, or Unix time.

Currently, some systems store epoch dates as a signed 32-bit integer which can cause problems on 19 January, 2038. Our epoch converter converts Unix timestamps into accurate human-readable format.

Here are some examples of converting Epoch Unix with our epoch date converter:

Unix Epoch

Human-Readable Format


1970-01-01 08:25:38


1970-01-21 00:38:58


1970-01-22 01:49:56


2021-07-01 05:00:00

2027-11-02 00:33:20

2027-11-02 00:33:20


What happens on January 19, 2038?

The problem of the year 2038 involves representing time in many digital systems as 32-bit signed integers encompassing the number of seconds since 00:00:00 UTC on 1st January 1970.

These types of implementations cannot decode times after 03:14:07 UTC on Jan 2038. The year 2038 problem is similar to the Y2K issue and is caused by a lack of capacity used to represent time.

Specifically, the latest time that can be stored using a 32-bit integer since 1st January 1970 is 03:14:07 on Tuesday, 19th January 2038. Once a system/program attempts to increment the time beyond this date, the value will be stored internally as a negative number. This will cause the system to interpret it as having occurred at 20:45:52 on Friday, 13th December 1901 - 2,147,483,648 seconds before 1st January 1970 - instead of 19th January 2038.

This happens when the counter runs out of usable digit bits and flips the sign bit, which causes an integer overflow. The output reports a maximally negative number, then continues counting up towards zero, then up through positive integers again. Such erroneous calculations may lead to problems for users and other parties reliant on the system.

Features of the Epoch Converter Tool

Sample Value

We provide a sample Unix epoch value that you can use to check the working of our tool. This makes it clear for you to check how our epoch time converter the sample value into a readable format.

Convert Epoch Time In Seconds

Our epoch converter takes a Unix epoch value as input and accurately converts it to a human-readable format within seconds. You can enter unlimited Unix epoch or Unix timestamp into the tool and get its readable time with the exact date.

Copy Text

This feature lets you copy the result text with one click. Once done with the conversion, click on the copy icon and paste the results wherever you want.

Download Results

The download feature of our epoch time converter lets you save the converted values in text format. Simply click the Download icon and your file will be saved automatically to your device.

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