Random Pokemon Generator

Use this online random Pokemon generator to generate random Pokemon based on their types. This random Pokemon generator helps you form a perfect random team to challenge your friends.

A water-type creature that resembles a turtle and can retract into its shell for protection.
A grass-type creature with a green body and a large plant bulb on its back that grows with sunlight.
An electric-type creature known for its yellow fur and iconic lightning bolt tail.
A fighting-type creature that is small in stature but has muscles dense enough to deliver powerful blows.

How to use this Random Pokemon Generator?

You can use this tool by simply following the steps below:

  • Enter the number of Pokemon in the required input field.
  • Click the "Generate Pokemon" button.
  • Copy the results using the Copy Text button.
  • Use the Clear option to start a new session.

What is Pokemon?

According to Wikipedia: Pokemon is a Japanese media franchise consisting of video games, animated series, and films, as well as a trading card game.

Pokemon are mysterious creatures with many secrets. Some of these creatures live with humans, while others live in wild grassy fields or caves. The interesting thing about Pokemon is that these mysterious creatures can be caught with a Poke Ball.

Furthermore, Pokemon are divided into 18 distinct types based on their characteristics. One of the most popular characters is Pikachu, which is an Electric-type Pokemon. So, our random Pokemon generator allows you to generate different random Pokemon in no time.

Features of our random Pokemon generator

Our random Pokemon types generator comes with several unique features. Some of them are:

Character variations

This Pokemon randomizer provides variations of different Pokemon to form a random team. Our random Pokemon team generator allows you to generate up to 11 Pokemon with different variations.

Generate description

In addition to generating Pokemon creatures or characters, our tool also provides a brief description of each Pokemon. This gives you an idea about the nature of Pokemon in a nutshell.

Copy results

You can use this feature to copy Pokemon spawned at the same time. If you have spawned multiple Pokemon, copy each one separately and paste it wherever you want.

Clear text option

This feature of our random Pokemon generator instantly clears the output results with one click. You can use the Clear button whenever you want to spawn new Pokemon without refreshing the current tab.

Easy to access

Our random Pokemon generator is quite simple and easily accessible on any device. No need to install it manually. All you need to have is just a secure internet connection.

Free use

Our Pokemon randomizer is free for everyone. You can search for it on our Tool Prime website and use it without purchasing any premium plan or subscription.

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